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At Ekin Aluminium, we are extremely passionate about our windows & doors simply because they are the most pivotal element for environmental sustainability to reduce one’s carbon footprint, ie/ energy usage & environmental impact by way of Double & Triple Glazing, Gas Filled Windows and Thermally Broken Aluminium Framing.

“Double Glazing is to glass what thermally broken is to aluminium windows” When determining which windows to buy for your home, consider reviewing the
windows’ energy rating. Although energy efficient windows may be slightly higher cost initially, their long-term benefits will be worth it.

These benefits include:

• Lower energy costs
• Environmentally friendly
• Better insulation
• Protects your furniture and flooring from sun damage
• Noise reduction
• Less maintenance than normal windows due to reduced condensation
• More comfortable home living

Windows can be the cause of up to a 40% loss of cooling or heating energy. This can be reduced by up to 80% if energy efficient windows are installed. Double glazed windows may be the best solution for your home, particularly if you plan on having larger window panes. Ensure that your windows close to be airtight.

Remember, the placement and orientation of windows have an impact on the window type needed in your home. Energy-efficient windows and window treatments help lower your energy consumption and your impact on the environment. If you are renovating or building your home, consider speaking with us first to reap the rewards associated with energy-efficient windows and doors. You may also consider them for your existing home as they will go a long way to your windows’ performance.

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